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— гигабитная Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11n
— 300 Мбит/с
— маршрутизатор
— коммутатор 4xLAN
— артикул 106930

The AirLive WN-300R is the 802.11n Wireless Broadband Router and is backward compatible with 802.11b/g. The transmitting data rate can be up to 300Mbps. The WN-300R features two intelligent antennas offering high performance and enhances superior coverage range. Its complete backward compatibility with AirLive Turbo-G and MIMO-G families.

The result is having wider coverage and up to 6 times faster speed than standard 802.11g wireless equipment. That means as the distance goes further, the 11N speed will drop slower comparing to non- MIMO solutions. It is fully compatible with 802.11g, 802.11b, Turbo-G, and MIMO-G devices. So you don't have to give up your existing wireless equipment
Basic Configuration for AirLive Router. For further information, please visit us @ www.airlive.com or email us @ [email protected]
Este es un video instructivo de como realizar paso a paso la puesta en marcha de nuestro dispositivo, tanto para una conexi?n cable modem como una conexi?n PPPoE...
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Przekierowanie port?w rejestratora DVR/NVR na publiczne adres za pomoc? routera GW-300NAS. Wi?cej informacji na temat urz?dzenia:
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