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— Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11n
— 300 Мбит/с
— артикул 363562

B?n s?a, 0949513333, cisco 1140 series access point air-ap1142n-n-k9
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C?ng ty m?y t?nh Ph?ng gia chuy?n b?o tr? m?y in, l?p m?ng wifi t?i nh? H? N?i , lap mang wifi tai nha l?y ngay gi? r? .

??a ch? l?p m?ng wifi t?i nh? h? n?i xin li?n h?.
Tr? s? Ch?nh : S? 58 H?o Nam - ??ng ?a - H? N?i. Tel:04.37.368.268.
C? s? 2 : s? 48 Ng? 68 - ???ng C?u Gi?y - H? N?i. Tel:04.3767.8166.
Hotline: 0975.39.3333 & 094951.3333 & 0905.335688 & 0975.124586.
?i?n tho?i : 04. 3767.8186 & 04.37.368.268.
H? tr? k? thu?t : 0912.3333.96
Nick YM : xuanthai_xuanthai & mieuvn .
Mail : [email protected]

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Hotline : 0975.39.3333
L?p m?ng wifi tai nh? h? n?i
Chuy?n l?p dat modem v? thiet ke wifi ( wireless) tai H? N?i
Mu?n k?t n?i m?ng Internet kh?ng d?y b?ng m?y t?nh m?i n?i trong v?n ph?ng hay ? nh? ,b?n c?n l?p wifi v?i Wireless Router . ??m b?o t?nh ?n ??nh cho c?c v?n ph?ng nh? v? h? gia ??nh m?t gi?i ph?p ??n gi?n nh?ng hi?u qu? cho m?t m?ng l??i wifi (wireless an to?n v? ti?n l?i cho ph?p b?n l??t web m?i l?c m?i n?i )
Ch?ng t?i chuy?n cung c?p c?c thi?t b? wifi (wireless) t?i gia ??nh , v?n ph?ng , tr??ng h?c , c? quan , t? v?n thi?t k? m?ng wifi ( wireless) t?i H? N?i
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Kh?c ph?c s? c? l?i m?ng , l?i wifi ( wireless ) ,loi modem tai Ha Noi
Nh?n s?a ch?a n?ng c?p h? th?ng wifi (wireless) t?i nh? trong khu v?c H? N?i
H?y li?n h? v?i ch?ng t?i n?u b?n c? nhu c?u ( ch? ph?c v? lap wifi trong khu vuc Ha Noi )
Hotline : 0975.39.3333
Chuy?n s?a wifi t?i nh? H? N?i 0975.39.3333
Chuy?n s?a wifi t?i nh? ri?ng H? N?i 0975.39.3333
Chuy?n s?a wifi t?i nh? ri?ng t?i H? N?i 0975.39.3333
S?a wifi t?i nh? nhanh nh?t H? N?i 0975.39.3333
S?a ch?a wifi t?i nh? uy t?n nh?t H? n?i 0975.39.3333
Chuy?n s?a wifi t?i h? n?i call 0975.39.3333
S?a wifi t?i nh? H? N?i Lh 0975.39.3333
D?ch v? s?a wifi t?i nh? h? n?i Hotline 0975.39.3333
C?n s?a wifi t?i nh? g?i 0975.39.3333
Mu?n s?a wifi t?i nh? H? n?i Lh 0975.39.3333
Nhu c?u s?a wifi t?i nh? H? N?i Hotline 0975.39.3333
( chuyen lap wifi tai ha noi , xu ly loi mang wireless , internet Fpt , vnpt , viettel , EVN..tai ha noi 0975.39.3333 )
Watch this video for an overview of how to install a Cisco Aironet Access Point. Learn more at
How to configure Cisco 1140 series access points - a basic config.
- Configure SSID
- Configure bridge interface
- Configure login lines
Cisco IOS

The Cisco 1142 AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 Aironet Access Point is an Enterprise grade, 802.11n access point offering easy deployment and low energy usage.
The wireless N protocol, which offers at least six times the throughput of existing 802.11a/g networks, allows for reliable connections to Wi-Fi voice, VOIP, streaming video and high bandwidth business applications.
Cisco 1140 AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 Aironet Access Points have a sleek and unobtrusive look that blends into your workplace.
If you are building or expanding your wired and wireless architecture, the Cisco 1142 AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 Aironet Access Point will help your network become flexible and scalable.
Because it is part of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, it can be an excellent solution to unify your wired and wireless networks.
View this Video on Cisco Support Community:-

In this Video we will see How to setup a Basic Wireless LAN Connection on a Cisco Access Point. We have used Aironet 1200 series AP with IOS 12.3(7)JA. We have used AP with Integrated Antenna, if you use AP with external Antenna, ensure that Antennas are connected to the AP.
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