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Ever wish your great looking DSLR images could show up right on your phone for instant upload & sharing with social networks and email?
We take a look and review the new Eye-Fi Mobi, it's functionality, features, and the best ways to use this new wireless functionality. The EyeFi Mobi is a new card by Eye Fi, very similar to the Eye-Fi X2, except that the Eye-Fi Mobi uses direct wireless transfer between the camera and a phone or tablet. As a result, no Wifi connection is needed.

Your best shots. Now mobile.
Mobi instantly delivers your best photos & videos from your camera to your smartphone or tablet.
No wireless network required. Mobi creates its own WiFi so it works anywhere you are.
Transfer photos from your DSLR straight to your phone, as you take them!
Eye-Fi Mobi 8GB -
16GB -
32GB -
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Eye-Fi Mobi Wireless 8GB WiFi SDHC Card Review
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Thanks to best-in-class technology and built-in WiFi, Mobi delivers photos from your digital camera directly into your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or Android camera roll. Exceptional Class 10 performance captures HD video, low light and fast action shots, while built-in WiFi instantly transfers them to your favorite mobile device. It's as easy as saying "cheese!"
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