Главная » HP » HP E-M110 (J9388B)
— Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11g
— 54 Мбит/с
— артикул 990046

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The eBox 3350 is the world's smallest compact PC with 95x95mm and 270grs. It is also extremely energy efficient and packs a full computer on a very small form factor.

This video shows the teardown of the Mini PC. This is a 1Ghz x86 SoC with VGA, LAN and 3 USb ports on such a small form factor. It can run Windows XP, Windows CE, Linux and other x86 OS's including legacy systems such as DOS.

Towards the end of the video check out the undocumented COM ports .

For more information please check
This is a small computer.
I didn't make a review video of this computer due to it went to its owner before i could get around to it.
But when the little time I got to use it I was very impressed with its speed.
For its price its worth it if you need a PC on a budget.
This is master reset for samsung galaxy s i9000.
How to reset or restore to defaults, the ZTE Skate
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