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Fed up of hotels, conference rooms and more not having wi-fi? Carry your own wireless network in your pocket with the Kanex mySpot. The smart, fast way to create a secure, reliable wi-fi network for up to five devices - almost anywhere
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MacVoicesTV #1384: Macworld 2013 - Kanex' mySpot Gives You A Simple, Private WiFi Network In Your Hotel Room from MacVoicesTV. Like this? Watch the latest episode of MacVoicesTV on Blip!
In the Kanex booth at Macworld/iWorld 2013 in San Francisco, the mySpot was getting plenty of attention, including a Best of Show award. Felipe Ocampo explained how the mySpot delivers a portable WiFi network just by plugging in an Ethernet cable. Perfect for those who travel and want to have more than one device online, just plug in to the hotel-provided Ethernet jack and you have your own private network for your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and more.
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mySpot is a travel-sized, easy to use Wireless Access Point, enabling anyone to setup their own private, secure Wi-Fi network.Measuring H76mm x W27mm x D25mm and weighing 35g, this travel-friendly device has a USB 3.0 connector (connector can be stored in the body), a LAN port and can provide a wireless connection speed of up to 150Mbps.
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meDrive, USB 3 Hub, ATV Pro, USB3 till gigabit samt mySpot
Medverkande: Calle Gr?dal och Linus Karlsson
F?r mer information: www.vendora.se
Vendora Nordic AB - Exklusive Kanex distribut?r i Skandinavien
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