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— Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11n
— 300 Мбит/с
— коммутатор 2xLAN
— артикул 1176230

In this video I show you how to install a Wireless Access Point (WAP) to an existing wired network. Then I show you how to configure Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected access (WPA), and MAC address filtering.

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I recently leveled an orc mage from 1-85 in order to get my guild the "Classy Orcs" achievement and decided to fraps the whole thing and condense it into a time-lapse. In this format, every minute is condensed to one second, thus every minute of video contains one hour of leveling. My final time was right around an hour, which was convenient, ha!
Yes, I used heirlooms, used a guide, got guildies to help me with group quests, and died a little more often than I'd have liked, but it was about the time-lapse, not about pro'ing it up, so I'm okay with it. Also note that disparaging comments will be removed without hesitation. If you hate it that much, turn it off.
Anyway, enjoy. :)
Music: Bjorne Lynne - Time & Reflection
Mods: TukUI, Grid, oPie, wow-pro.com's leveling guide, TomTom, lots of others that aren't obvious.
-How big was the video?
-I stopped after every zone to encode and condense, so I don't have one end-all be-all total, but it was about 160-200 GB per hour.
-OMG your UI is awesome, what is it?!
-This is literally just a couple lines up under "relevant mods."
-Why the stupid Celestial Steed?
-It was a Christmas present from my husband. He's a sweetheart. Mounts and pets he's bought me usually make an appearance on all but my main, where I use whatever mount I'm not bored of yet and a panther cub as a kind of commemoration to a lost pet.
-This wasn't an hour! It's impossible to level to 85 in an hour! This video is sped up and it's already an hour, so obviously it took you longer! (See also: you're speed hacking/this must be a private server)
-Congratulations, you have yet to grasp the definition of a time-lapse. At least graduate the 8th grade before coming back to comment again. The point is that I am showcasing the full journey from level 1-85 within one hour of video time.
-Oh. Well how long did it really take you?
-In raw playing time, 60 hours. In real life, about a month between work shifts, days off, and days dedicated to grinding VP (ugh).
-This is fake! You're flying at level 8! You're riding mounts that are impossible to get at the levels you're riding them! You used Metamorphosis at level 9! You have Arcane Missiles from the start! How can you expect anyone to believe this?! FAKE!
-Flying = flight master. Don't be stupid. The other mounts (a wolf around level 6 I think, the Brewfest kodo at level 20, and the blue proto drake at 79ish) are QUEST VEHICLES. Metamorphosis at 9 is a debuff caused by the mobs in the cave I'm fighting. And during Cataclysm, you got Arcane Missiles at level 3.
-Why didn't you go to Outland at 58/Northrend at 68?
-Personal preference, the ability to skip zones I didn't like by doing it this way, and the fact that the exp speed difference isn't what people make it out to be by a long shot.
-What software did you use?
-Fraps and Adobe Premier.
-Who are you?
-My main is Shantotto on HYJAL-US. This mage has been race and name changed since this video, but if you must see (I've hardly done a thing on her since) it's Kaitlin, same server.
-I notice your gear stayed the same throughout the video, and I was curious about that?/How many heirlooms did you have?
-My head, shoulders, cloak, robe, two trinkets, and staff stayed the same throughout the video because they are "heirloom" items, which are purchased by a max-level character using Justice Points, mailed to other characters, and scale in level and stats with the character wearing them. Most of them give an experience bonus, so they make you level faster (I was getting a bonus 45% extra experience in this video). I have since obtained the heirloom ring as well, but I did not have it in this video.
-U HADD HAIRLOOMZ DIS NAWT FAYR/Why not RAF/Why not Scrolls of Resurrection?
-AGAIN, the point was to do a timelapse, not to pro it up or set any records for leveling speed. I'm fully aware it can be done faster, and I'm fully aware it can be done more slowly. I don't care. Stop leaving these comments.
-Okay, I understand you weren't out for speed here, but what IS the fastest way to level?
-In my opinion, it's best to do each dungeon with quests in it one time; the dungeon experience combined with the quest experience makes it much faster than questing alone, while dungeon experience from killing mobs alone is far slower. I wouldn't know where battleground experience fits in here, as I don't enjoy PvP.
-This is so boring!
-There's a red "X" in the upper right corner of your screen. Click it. There, now you aren't watching it.
Всем привет! Сегодня обозреваем интересный телефон LEXAND S5A2 Oberon. При своей небольшой цене модель отличается неплохими характеристиками. Смотрим!
Большое спасибо за ваши лайки, комментарии и подписки!
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Общие характеристики
Стандарт GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Тип смартфон
Операционная система Android 4.2
Тип корпуса классический
Материал корпуса пластик
Количество SIM-карт 2
Вес 190 г
Размеры (ШxВxТ) 70x145x9 мм
Тип экрана цветной, сенсорный
Тип сенсорного экрана мультитач, емкостный
Диагональ 5 дюйм.
Размер изображения 720x1280
Число пикселей на дюйм (PPI) 294
Автоматический поворот экрана есть
Тип мелодий полифонические, MP3-мелодии
Виброзвонок есть
Мультимедийные возможности
Фотокамера 8 млн пикс., встроенная вспышка
Функции камеры автофокус
Запись видеороликов есть
Фронтальная камера есть, 2 млн пикс.
Воспроизведение видео MP4, 3GP
Аудио MP3, FM-радио
Диктофон есть
Разъем для наушников 3.5 мм
Интерфейсы Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB
Спутниковая навигация GPS
Cистема A-GPS есть
Доступ в интернет WAP, GPRS, EDGE, email POP/SMTP, HTML
Использование в качестве USB-накопителя есть
Память и процессор
Процессор MediaTek MT6589, 1200 МГц
Количество ядер процессора 4
Видеопроцессор PowerVR SGX544
Объем встроенной памяти 4 Гб
Объем оперативной памяти 1 Гб
Поддержка карт памяти microSD (TransFlash), объемом до 32 Гб
Дополнительные функции SMS ввод текста со словарем
MMS есть
Емкость аккумулятора 1950 мАч
Время разговора 4 ч
Время ожидания 200 ч
Другие функции
Громкая связь (встроенный динамик) есть
Датчики освещенности, приближения
Записная книжка и органайзер
Поиск по книжке есть
Обмен между SIM-картой и внутренней памятью есть
Органайзер будильник, калькулятор, планировщик задач
Дополнительная информация
Комплектация смартфон, аккумуляторная батарея, USB-кабель, наушники, сетевой адаптер, задняя крышка аккумулятора, чехол-книжка, инструкция
World of Warcraft time-lapse. From level 1 to 90 in 1 hour (55x speed). WoW 1-90. I recorded my new characters entire leveling progress and condensed it into a time-lapse. This video is 55 times faster than normal speed and 1 second in this video is slightly less than 1 minute of actual gameplay. Took me about 2 days 7 hours to level 90. No RaF, Full heirlooms and only quests.
YouTubes low bitrate and 30fps limit really made this video look worse than the original file, but if you watch it in 720p the quality should be fine. I shall do another one in the next WoW expansion and hope that YouTube has improved their standard video formats by then :)
Music in this video is from "Pro Scores" cinematic music design tools made by Video Copilot.
Many people ask me how can you level so fast and do you have somekind of special questing route. I don't think my time was that good, I could have done it close to 2 days if I would have planned everything beforehand. So I don't got any special questing route. I just went to the zones I like the most. I didn't even have any experience about different quest lines, because this was my first Alliance character I leveled 1-60 after Cataclysm.
WoD Warlords of Draenor level 100 talents spells abilities skills professions patch 6.0 lore new map area zones character skins new class new race release date trailer 1-100 90-100 realm world first PvP PvE new raid instance dungeon battleground bg model wow head loot boost to level 90 boost to lvl 90 boost instant buy fastest fast
Some interesting statistic about the video:
-Original file size(real time): 64,5Gb
-Original file size(time-lapse): 6,87Gb
-Rendering time total: ~48 hours
-Total time played: 2 days, 7 hours, 57 minutes, 22 seconds = 55h:57m:22s
-Average time spent per level: 37 minute 20 seconds
-Quests completed: 1547
-Average quests quests completed per hour: 28
-Total deaths: 45
-Total deaths from other players: 33
-Total kills: 8791
-Honorable Kills: 21
-Critters killed 192
-Gold from quests: 7281g
-Gold looted: 796g
-Gold from vendors: 3478g
-Gold spent on travel: 20g
-Flight paths taken: 75
-Number of times hearthed: 15
-Healthstones used: 63
-Ressurected by soulstones: 24
-Total damage done: 609275965
-Total damage received: 31665078
Общие характеристики
Стандарт GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Тип смартфон
Операционная система MS Windows Phone 7.5
Тип корпуса классический
Материал корпуса алюминий
Уровень SAR 0.447
Тип SIM-карты обычная
Количество SIM-карт 1
Вес 160 г
Размеры (ШxВxТ) 70.7x131.5x9.9 мм
Тип экрана цветной Super LCD, 16.78 млн цветов, сенсорный
Тип сенсорного экрана мультитач, емкостный
Диагональ 4.7 дюйм.
Размер изображения 480x800
Число пикселей на дюйм (PPI) 199
Автоматический поворот экрана есть
Тип мелодий полифонические, MP3-мелодии
Виброзвонок есть
Мультимедийные возможности
Фотокамера 8 млн пикс., светодиодная вспышка
Функции камеры автофокус
Распознавание лиц
Запись видеороликов есть (MP4)
Макс. разрешение видео 1280x720
Фронтальная камера есть, 1.3 млн пикс.
Воспроизведение видео 3GP, 3G2, MP4, M4V, MBR, WMV
Аудио MP3, AAC, WMA, FM-радио
Разъем для наушников 3.5 мм
Интерфейсы Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB
Спутниковая навигация GPS
Cистема A-GPS есть
Доступ в интернет WAP, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA, email POP/SMTP
Модем есть
Синхронизация с компьютером есть
Поддержка DLNA есть
Память и процессор
Процессор Qualcomm MSM 8255T, 1500 МГц
Количество ядер процессора 1
Видеопроцессор Adreno 205
Объем встроенной памяти 16 Гб
Объем оперативной памяти 512 Мб
Слот карт памяти отсутствует
MMS есть
Тип аккумулятора Li-Ion
Емкость аккумулятора 1600 мАч
Время разговора 11.8 ч
Время ожидания 360 ч
Другие функции
Профиль A2DP есть
Датчики освещенности, приближения, гироскоп, компас
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