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— Wi-Fi адаптер
— 802.11n
— 450 Мбит/с
— артикул 1215228

Unboxing of the Linksys AE3000, a Dual-Band Wireless-N USB adapter with 3x4 antennas - pretty impressive!
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Ho creato questo video utilizzando una webcam Logitech C920 in HD a 720p.
Nel video ? descritto l'unboxing del dongle adattatore di rete wif USB N Linksys AE3000, capace di trasmettere fno a 450 mbps
Upgrade your computer with the ultimate speed and maximum range of Dual-Band N to stream HD video, share photos, and game online.
Ideal for
Getting connected to Wi-Fi hotspots
Avoiding congestion in active online households
Streaming HD video and online gaming
Quick test of two WiFi Adapters.
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well after trying out usb adapters in the past i am very satisfied with this one aes 3000 n900 cisco adapter it is quick and veryyyyy easy to set uplinksys did well with this product and its making browsing awesome fast and easy
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