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— Wi-Fi адаптер
— 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
— 867 Мбит/с
— артикул 1211454

If you're looking to add dual-band 802.11ac wireless to your home or office, you'll need to make sure that your endpoints (desktops, laptops, etc.) are able to participate. I chose to acquire the Linksys AC1200 (part WUSB6300) for my home office and review the product and unboxing here.
Unboxing & Review of the Linksys AE1200 Wireless N USB Adapter made by Cisco.
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Best new Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless USB 3.0 Adapter (WUSB6300)- Certified Re2014 Sale
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Best Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless USB 3.0 Adapter (WUSB6300)- Certified Refurbished, New Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless USB 3.0 Adapter (WUSB6300)- Certified Refurbished, Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless USB 3.0 Adapter (WUSB6300)- Certified Refurbished Review
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