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— 802.11g
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A video camera was mounted on a car travelling at 100km/hr. Moxa AWK 1121 wireless client and Moxa AWK 3121 wireless access points were used to stream the videos. This test will demonstrate the latency performance of these equipment.
1. Moxa AWK-1121 | Industrial IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless Client
2. Moxa AWK 3121 | Industrial IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
Moxa's industrial IEEE 802.11 wireless AP/Bridge/Client products are designed to meet the needs of industrial applications. Features include rugged construction, long distance communications, roaming and redundancy for harsh environments.
Complete product specifications:
Established since 2002, TNS is an industrial networking and computing equipment specialist. TNS is the authorised distributor of Moxa and global partner of Microsoft windows embedded.
For enquiries, contact TNS hotline at (+65) 6747 6740 or email tns@tns.com.sg
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Topic 3.2 takes us into the realms of searching for files and data. We start with a little file redirection using the greater than symbols. then into piping using the vertical bar. Big area next looking at the tools such as find, cut, head, tail before we look at grep with regular expressions.
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  • Положительные и негативные отзывы о MOXA.
  • Поиск прошивки DD-WRT для MOXA AWK-1121
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  • MOXA AWK-1121-PoEMOXA AWK-1121-PoE-T
    MOXA AWK-1121-TMOXA AWK-1127
    MOXA AWK-1127-PoEMOXA AWK-1127-PoE-T
    MOXA AWK-1127-TMOXA AWK-3131
    MOXA AWK-5222-M12MOXA AWK-5232
    MOXA AWK-5232-M12MOXA AWK-5232-M12-T
    MOXA AWK-5232-T






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  • Роутер awk-1121
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  • настроить moxa мост
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  • стандартный пароль моха индустриал 802.11

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