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— 802.11g
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Here are step by step instructions for setting the IP address on Moxa managed switches using SSH. The same steps can be used for any managed switch manufactured by Moxa.
In this video I will demonstrate the basics of using the Linux Command line, and show examples of the most commonly used commands.
What is covered:
01:29 Listing a directory (ls)
02:00 Changing directory (cd)
02:47 Concatonating/Printing a file to screen (cat)
03:00 Clearing the screen (clear)
03:30 Extracting a .tar.gz archive file (tar -xvzf)
04:12 Print present working directory (pwd)
04:23 Renaming a file (mv)
05:33 Making a new directory (mkdir)
05:40 File extension wildcards
06:56 Creating a .tar.gz archive file (tar -cvzf)
08:10 Removing a file or folder (rm and rm -r respectively)
08:57 Saving the output of a command to a file rather than screen
09:23 Downloading a file from the internet (wget)
10:09 Reading the manual for a command (man)
11:34 Extracting a zip archive file (unzip -e)
12:02 Listing the drives on the system (lsblk)
12:38 Perform a command as root/administrator (sudo)
12:51 Mounting and unmounting a disk drive (mount and umount respectively)
14:19 Installing a package (apt-get install for Debian/Ubuntu) (yum install for CentOS/Fedora)
15:28 Searching for a string of text within a file and printing ** lines after match (grep -A ** -i)
16:56 Changing file ownership (chown)
Hey Guy's. Here is Our New Clan, "CraVe Sniping".
Hope you Like and Expect some Episode's and Montage's From Me and The Rest of the CraVe Member's.
Mark Knopfler releases his eighth solo album, PRIVATEERING, on September 3rd 2012.
His first double album, the 20 tracks cover a wide range of locations and characters from both sides of the Atlantic and move through a number of genres which include several new blues originals.
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It's a monster! IAAAAAAAAAA!!
Jin's fifth song! If only it were Number 7. (If anyone actually gets that, good on them.)
According to a tweet Jin made, when the girl tells the boy "you'll turn to stone," the boy hears it the wrong way; the Japanese sentence doesn't explicitly say "you," so he thinks it's the girl who will be "petrified" with shyness. Thus, a better translation of that part would be: ""If I look you in the eye... turn to stone..." I stammered, but they just smiled."
The hood and the iPod are worn by members of the Blindfold Gang, who originated in one of Jin's other songs, Blindfold Cord. (The girl from it, Kido, appears at 4:02.)
Jin has explained numerous external things about the song on Twitter and whatnot, so here goes:
The girl's name is Mary. She's 5 years old in the parts where she looks like a kid, but 140 for most of the song.
While her parents told her that looking at people would turn them to stone (just to be safe), her power is actually more of a temporary freezing due to being only quarter-Medusa.
However, some boys attacked Mary one day, and her mom (Shion) was forced to turn one to stone, dying in the process. (Since she's only half-Medusa, she probably had to strain herself to do this.) Mary thus never learned anything about her power, and lived alone fearing it.
Over a hundred years later, a boy from the Blindfold Gang (Seto) visits Mary, thinking she's just a shut-in. (Well, not like he's wrong.)
He invites her to join the Blindfold Gang, giving her a hood and iPod, and Mary is glad to learn she won't turn someone to stone just by looking at them.
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