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— Bluetooth адаптер
— Bluetooth 2.1
— 3 Мбит/с
— артикул 217634

Can't pick between the Yamaha YZF-R15 and the Honda CBR 150R? Watch as we compare these 150cc powerhouses! More on
Intro music by Skrat -
I testdrive a CBR500R. Also Included: A pants-shitting moment on a bike that is not my own... :P
Section with me going (badly, lol) on the twisties begins at 16:00 mark. Holy crap moment is @ 22:04. Final thought are... well in the end, doh. :D
Sorry for the length I tried to make it all interesting, all 30mins of it!
Bike was lended from Santogal Alfragide () Wanna see me on a KTM RC390? Vote here!
I just bought my new honda cbr 600rr and i decided to film most of my day. 1st time on a 600 bike so keep the hate comment to yourselves. Eh who am I kidding bring on the hate :)
Im really sorry for the shaky camera and amateurish video taking. It will definitely be better next time. This is my 1st time filming something.
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First vlog on my new bike, a 2009 Honda CBR 1000RR with C-ABS. Sad to see the Speedy go, but the Fireblade is a lot of fun. Such a great all-around superbike.
Motorcycle USA compares the 2013 Honda CBR250R to the all-new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300.
Read the full comparison test:
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