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— Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11n
— 150 Мбит/с
— маршрутизатор
— артикул 128316

How to Setup R36:
This is one useful gadget. You can easily setup access point using 3G dongle or use it as wifi range extender. You can connect Alfa AWUS036H/NH/NHR adapters into R36 and have internet come thru one of those adapters, then turn it into your personal hotspot. Also supports WAN and LAN.
So far ive had good experience with Alfa Network products, extremely unique and powerful. R36 is one of a kind for sure, it is very good for wireless security penetration testers and wardrivers (if you are one of them, you know why:)
R36 Review:
This is one of the rarest WiFi devices out there, use of this device is quite mysterious, i just call it what it is: Hacker's Device!
It's awesome, it's powerful and unique and here's how to setup the device.
Como configurar lo para conectarte a Internet a trav?s del router.
попытка восстановления. неудачная. по UART в терминал возвращаются крякозябры. переходник usb-com HL-340. заказал универсальный адаптер, в случае успешного восстановления, выложу видео
link for specifications:
our site: www.alfa-wifi.com
The R36 is a Wireless router/Access point and works similar to those used in the home but can also be used to set up a « wireless Network » on your vessel or motorhome, caravan so that multiple devices such as Android tablets, Ipads , Iphones and smart phones can all have WiFi Internet at the same time using only one WiFi signal being picked up by the AWUS036H ,Tube U G or other supported devices (R36 will require a firmware update if you wish to use AWUS036NHR AWUS036NH).....or If you have a supported 3G Dongle you could use this instead of the WiFi adapter (similar to a MiFi where multiple devices can share the 3G single).
Alfa awus036h:

antenna alfa:
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