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— гигабитная Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11n
— 300 Мбит/с
— маршрутизатор
— коммутатор 4xLAN
— артикул 503200

The D-Link® Cloud Gigabit Router N300 (DIR-636L) provides total network management in the palm of your hand and high-powered wireless connectivity for your home.
The DIR-636L delivers wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps - ideal for everyday Internet activities like web surfing, email and file sharing. The integrated high-powered Amplifier extends wireless coverage to every corner of your apartment or medium-sized home, even hard-to-reach areas like outdoor patios and upstairs bedrooms. It also comes with 4 Gigabit ports for connecting Ethernet-enabled devices for fast connections. Or give your home office more speed and productivity than you ever thought possible.
D-Link's Cloud Routers also provide the added benefit of remote network management and remote file access via mydlink Cloud Services. Take advantage of everything mydlink Cloud has to offer through the free SharePort™ Mobile, QRS Mobile, and mydlink Lite apps and web portal (mydlink.com). With the various free mobile apps that are available for iOS and Android devices, you can:
-mydlink Lite - Monitor and control your home network from anywhere
-SharePort™ Mobile - Stream and share files and media over your home network from virtually any connected USB drive
-QRS Mobile - Quickly setup your router from your mobile phone or tablet
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Share your Internet connection and then control a high-speed network from anywhere with the D-Link DIR-636L Wireless N300 Gigabit Cloud Router. Along with a stunning design and incredible performance, it has cloud features to help set up your network from a mobile device, and even share your favorite media with your family.
Vi presentiamo la video recensione completa del D-Link DIR-636L, router WiFi con rete guest. Supporta inoltre la tecnologia WPS. Tutte le informazioni le trovate su SlideToMac:
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