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— гигабитная Wi-Fi ADSL точка доступа
— 802.11n
— маршрутизатор
— коммутатор 4xLAN
— принт-сервер
— артикул 725866

An overview video about the DrayTek Vigor 2760 Series VDSL2/ADSL2+ Routers; Vigor 2760n, Vigor 2760 and Vigor 2760Vn. For more information on the DrayTek Vigor 2760 Series VDSL2/ADSL2+ Routers please click on the link below.
This video is an un-boxing and first thoughts of the Draytek Vigor 2750VN Router Modem.
Should cover the 2750n as well.
Purchased to be a file server for the forum.
Will it replace Mediafire????
Compatible with BT Infinity if you know what settings to make.
Please see the later video that I am just making.
,. Today I will introduce you to the latest ADSL and VDSL compatible VPN firewall router suitable for a small business or home user. This is the Vigor2760 series router.The Vigor2760 router series is available in three versions. These are the base model Vigor2760, the Wi-Fi model Vigor2760n and VOIP and Wi-Fi model Vigor2760Vn.
The Vigor2760n router has a built in wireless access point. It has two detachable external antennas and provides 802.11n Wi-Fi with a throughput of 300Mbps.
The Vigor2760Vn includes both the built in wireless access point and Voice over IP circuitry. It includes all the standard PBX functions in DrayTek VOIP routers.
I have only given you a brief overview of the capabilities of this new router but complete details are available from our web site.
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How to setup your Draytek Vigor 2750 series router to connect to BT Infinity.
As always, simple when you know how.
I am now using the connection detection set to ARP.
DrayTek provides Vigor3900 Multi-WAN and Vigor2960 Dual WAN for Mid-Size Business Offices which adopt super-fast broadband such as FTTx, VDSL2, and Gigabit Ethernet-fed Internet. DrayTek VigorACS SI TR-069 Central Management can let system integrators deploy DrayTek series routers with proper assistance and consultancy for their business customers. The Vigor2760 VDSL2 router with ADSL2/2+ fallback is very ideal for home and home offices to utilize broadband network. Our Vigor2860 series highly service routers are COMBO WAN routers which can let a small business can have productive business operations through FTTx, Gigabit Ethernet, VDSL2 and adopt USB mobile broadband as backup.
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