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— гигабитная Wi-Fi мост
— 802.11n
— коммутатор 2xLAN
— артикул 829022

| Wireless Range Extender/Media Bridge :
sku: 33-315-127

With the trend in Internet video exploding and sales of wireless-enabled products steadily growing, the demand on home networks is more than ever before - especially for home entertainment, including HD video viewing, music streaming, and online gaming. The Edimax CV-7348nDM Universal Dual-Band Wi-Fi Bridge, an ideal solution for home entertainment, features a high-speed wireless connection to convert your Ethernet-enabled devices to be wireless, and a dual-band option (either the 2.4 or 5GHz radio bands) to avoid interference with other devices. Additionally, the CV-7438nDM is designed with an audio jack which enables music streaming directly by existing audio speakers from the apps of PCs or smartphones.
Edimax CV-7438nDM Dual-band Wireless Bridge, Wireless Speaker Adapter for AirPlay Music Streaming, Converts Wired Smart TV / Blu-Ray / Gaming Console to Wireless Network, CD-less Setup by SmartPhone
- Credits -
Presenter: Steve
Producer: Lam
Camera: Paul
Post-Production: Anna

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Вы имеете кабельные устройства, такие как Smart телевизор или Blu-ray плеер, требующие прокладки кабеля через весь дом? Мы покажем вам как мост CV-7438nDM решит проблему, подключив эти устройства к Wi-Fi сети.
Setup tutorial video for CV-7438nDM, Edimax Dual-Band Wi-Fi Bridge for Smart TV, Blu-ray, Gaming & Music Streaming.
Do you have any wired-only devices such as Smart TVs or Blu-ray players that required running Ethernet cables around your home? We will show you how to setup the CV-7438nDM to eliminate annoying cables and gives access to these devices an existing Wi-Fi network.
In addition, the CV-7438nDM is AirPlay-enabled, which is a distinguishing feature from other standard Wi-Fi bridges on the market. Connect the CV-7438nDM to any speakers with a 3.5mm jack for AirPlay-enabled speakers at a fraction of the cost. There's no need for a physical connection between your music player and audio speakers, as would be the case with traditional speakers or iPhone/smartphone speaker docks.
Passerelle WiFi bi-bande N600, Transfromez toutes sources Ethernet vers votre WiFi 2.4 et 5ghz.
Avec cette passerelle wifi Edimax, vous pouvez connecter toutes vos sources Ethernet ? votre r?seau sans-fil, en quelques clics
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