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— гигабитная Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11n
— 300 Мбит/с
— артикул 914566

Configuring a small office WiFi network by using a FortiGate unit to manage an FortiAP Remote WiFi access point. The WiFi network uses DHCP to assign IP addresses and WPA2-Personal security. WPA2-Personal security means there will be one preshared key that users must know to access the WiFi network. Security policies are required to allow WiFi users to access both the office network and the Internet
You want to put your WiFi users on the same network segment (or subnet) as your wired LAN users, but the FortiGate unit requires each network interface to have a single unique network segment. The solution is to create a software switch interface with the internal LAN interface and WiFi network virtual interfaces as members.
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This is an unboxing video of the Pepwave Max 700 ( ) Load Balancing and Bonding router. This is the only router that will allow you to bond multiple connections together for more data throughput.
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Bonding Information -
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This video will demonstrate you how to allow or block access to specific websites even if the category to which the website belongs is blocked/allowed by CFS in SonicOS. You can allow/block access to a specific website for users by following very simple steps in SonicOS instead of creating separate access rule for each website. For example, you may want to block all social networking websites except Facebook or all games websites except yahoo games. In SonicOS, you can do this simply adding the websites under allowed/forbidden domains. You may also use keyword to block/allow access to internet.
This simple video help you get started in configuring SonicWall for better website access management with no headache. We will cover many more SonicWall tutorials such as NAT policies, VPN and SonicPoint etc. in future videos.
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