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Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Caudle with Huawei introduces the HUAWEI E5786, the world's fastest mobile Wi-Fi, one of the five products being released at Mobile World Congress 2014.
Watch our hands-on of the new Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi E5786 as part of our MWC 2014 coverage.

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Has love lost its way? Can a broken heart be mended?
See how with the Huawei E5786
Huawei ROUTER Mobile WiFi E5786

Huawei ROUTER Mobile WiFi E5786

Huawei Mobile WiFi E5786 Hands-on - MWC 2014

Huawei Mobile Wifi E5786 (MiFi Hotspot) - Hands-On - MWC 2014 - androidnext.de

Huawei E5786 LTE Hotspot Hands-On deutsch Mobile WiFi

Huawei E5786

- Auf dem Mobile World Congress schauen wir uns das Cat6 LTE Modem von Huawei etwas genauer an.

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The Huawei E5786 4G LTE MiFi, which is the successor to the E5776, is a new Cat 6 4G LTE that is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 300Mbps and uploads speed of up to 100Mbps. In addition, the E5786 has dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac support and is capability of supporting 10 simultaneous WiFi connections.
Like the E5776 it replaces, the E5786 features a non-replaceable 3,000mAh which is good for 10 hours of non-stop use.
The E5786 is also capable of reverse charging allowing you to use the MiFi like a battery pack to charge other devices. In terms of availability, the E5786 will be released in the second half of this 2014.
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